What Are Different Networking Models Available?


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The networking models actually describe the way in which you can access and share the resources on a network. There are three different models that can be used in networking. These models differ in the way the network resources are managed and controlled over a network. These resources may be data, printers, fax machines, modems and other resources available on the network. The commonly known models are:

1. centralized model
2. collaborative model
3. distributed model
In the centralized model all the data and other hardware resources are at one place (server machine) in the network. The server machine is a powerful computer that stores all the data that is needed by the network users. and all other hardware resources are also attached with the server as well. All the other connected computer or devices are said to be the client that request the services from that server computer. All the processing is done on the server machine.

In the distributed model, these resources are distributed across the network. Each attached device contains the data and has ability to process it independently and can share with other devices as requested. There is no concept of server and client.
Collaborative is just like the distributed with an additional capability to share the processing power of other devices as well.

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