How Many Types Of Modem Are Available?


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Modems can be of following types :  A. Landline Modems  B. Wireless Modems  c. LAN Modems  Landline Modems:landline modems are modems which connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). To connect to PSTN, these modems have a jack known as RJ-11, or regular phone jack. A telephone cable with a RJ-11 plug connects the modem to the nearest phone jack, which also conforms to the RH-11standard.  Landline modems can be further classified into the followings types  1.Internal modems  2.External modems  3.PCMCIA modems  4. Voice/data/fax modems  B. Wireless Modems: Wireless modems are radio transmitters/receivers installed into mobile computing devices(i.e devices that are used while you are moving such as mobile phones, laptops etc.) Using wireless modems, one can connect to a network while being mobile. Unlike landline modems, wireless modems do not plug into an RJ-11 jack.  C.LAN Modems: LAN modems allow shared remote access to LAN (Local Area Network)resources. LAN modem comes fully p reconfigured for a single particular network architecture such as Ethernet or Token RIng and/or a particular network software such as IPX, NetBIOS, NetBEUI etc. LAN modems are of various types depending upon the number of ports, network architecture(s) supported, network protocols supported, client platforms supported, memory requirements, security etc.
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There are different types of modems available. The selection of the modem depends upon the requirement and network structure.

Internal Fax Modem:
An internal fax modem is attached to the internal slot of the mother boards. These modems are categorized as full duplex and half duplex modems. These modems are used for fax and internet communications. These modems can also be used for data and voice communications.

External Fax Modem:
These are similar to internal modems but it connects to the communication port and placed outside of the CPU. These are used for the same purposes.

Wireless Modem:
Some Internet Service Providers supports wireless internet services. The wireless modems are used for this service. These modems work similar to traditional wired modems except its structure.

ISDN and DSL Modem:
For broadband internet communication we can have the ISDN and DSL modems. These modems provides faster communication depend upon the package and services of the service provider.

GPRS Modem:
The GPRS modems are used to browser internet and for other communication using the GPRS services. The GPRS (General Packet Radio Signals) service is provided on the cellular networks. If we have cellular connection then we can communicate using the GPRS modems. The GPRS services is costly as compared with other communication services.
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A modem is a device which is capable of modulating and demodulating. The process of converting the data from digital to analog is called modulating whereas the process of converting the data from analog to digital is called demodulating.

There are several types of modems, the most common ones in use are divided under thefollowing names, the external modem, the internal modem and the wireless modem. The external modem is connected to the computer externally at the serial port. There is cable which connects the modem to the existing telephone line. The internal modem is placed inside the computer, attached to the system board. The telephone is connected to the modem and a line out of the modem is connected to telephone wall jack. The wireless modem connects to the serial port of the computer. It does not connect to the telephone line, there receiver on the modem receives the information through air.
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List out the different types of modems

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