What Is A Computer Network? Can You Describe Its Components?


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A computer network is a set of two or more computers connected together in order to share information and other resources. The computers in a network are connected with one another through cables, satellite or telephone lines. Different types of computers in a network are as follows:

Network Components:
Different components of a network are as follows:
• Network software - This may be part of the operating system, or it can be software designed specifically to manage a network.
• Cables - Cables are usually used to connect devices on a network. Some networks make use of radio or microwaves to provide the link.
• Connectors - These are used to attach network cables to workstations or other devices.
• . Network cards - If a personal computer is to be used as a terminal in a network, a device called a network card must be built into it. Network cards have connectors on them for network cables.
• Terminal Computer - Every computer that is part of a computer network is called a terminal or node. The users -using different terminal computers can share information and send or receive data from one terminal to another.
• Server Computer - A server computer in a computer network is used as a central computer. It controls other computers in the network. Server computer is more powerful than terminals.
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Computer networks means that, we combine many computers with the help of different components and wiring system within a single room or in a big geographical area. In this network of computer many computer are linked with each other using any network topology, for sharing the data between all these computers. This computer network can be made in home via connecting two systems or more and, can also be made with 100 computers in a big area.

The some hardware components which are used for the making of computer networks are:
Bridges: these are the same as the hubs and the repeaters. The network bridges at the data link layer associate the several network segments. These are mostly used when there is a communication between many networks and less the gateways.

Routers: these are used for the selection of best path for the data sending.
Hubs: it is a hardware device, which supply the association of a network segment, via sending the data via network. It performs this function in simple method, by just copying the data with all the connected computers with the hub.
NIC: the network interface cards are the most necessary thing for a computer network, this network interface card must be installed on each and every computer in the network. With the help of this NIC a computer become able to be a part of a network.
Switches: these are responsible for sending the data to its correct destination.
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Components of computer system

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