What Can I Do To Make Modem Faster?


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Go to clean up files and delete any unnecessary files such as temporary internet files on your c and d drive.  You can also go into disk defragmenter like the previous answer stated and you can defragment files too.  If you have an antivirus on your computer you can also use it to clean files on your computer.  Good luck.
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Mm....to make your dialup very much faser, may be by 300-600kpbs simply go to start--run--then type regedit--then go to "hkey_local_machine" then software- polities--Microsoft--Windows--then right click create a new key named psched then right click new dword value named nonbesteffortlimit then double click and type 0 or 1-10 not more than tat.....ok!!!
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Hooo!!!!!!!!! Now ma dial-up is 800kpbs!!!!thanks!!!! So much!!!!!!! This is unbelivable!!
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I would like to trap or capture download rate on my dial up then I could go way faster . :) when I first turn it on I can download at over 25 kbs after a minute it drops to 2.87 kbs.lol. Just thought I would throw that in here.
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You can't make it as fast as Broadband or DSL; however have you defrag the hardrive. That can help make your computer work faster. Go to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disc Defragmentor. Peace
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terry rossignol
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it is a new computer they told us when they gave us this loner.should i have to do this anyway?
Cindy Thompson
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If it's brand new and never been used before, then no, you shouldn't have to defrag the hardrive. Dial- up is just very slow. I know you wish you could have your computer back and fixed. Peace

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