Can You Explain Me Something About Windows "Regedit" Command?


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Window's Reedit command stands for Registry editor. As the name suggests this command is used to edit the settings in the registry your all the window display is encoded in registry files. It's the registry files that help to define the behaviour and mode of the actions and commands you give to windows time to time while operating your PC. Since registry files have the internet explorer settings, your windows outlook theme settings, the speed of the menus the style of listing and girding etc. In short Registry Editor is the fashion and control centre of the Windows. It's a bridge between you computer machine and you. With the help of registry editor you can change the display style of your windows screen.

As it is a sensitive area that one mistake in editing a registry settings could make your windows crash.
All the games you install and play on your PC their entry is done in registry editor's data base. It's a gate keeper kind of thing in windows if the entry of any software or game is not recorded in the Registry section then there is a chance it might not work properly.

And this registry Editor command helps you to edit your registry settings.
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REGEDIT stands for registry editor in Microsoft Windows OS. All windows structure stands on it. All software and programs installed on your OS mostly use registry entries.

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