Where should the left/right hand sit on the keyboard in resting position when using the left/right handed Dvorak layout?


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Kathryn Wright , Online business Manager, answered

The Dvorak keyboard looks like a really interesting alternative to the normal keyboard. Many people find it faster and easier to use than the standard QWERTY keyboard.

Your hands should rest on the line beginning with A. This is designed so that your hands are already on the letters that are used the most frequently. Some people report that their typing speeds have doubled with hands having to travel only one mile in a day's typing compared to around 15 miles on a QWERTY keyboard.

Isn't a QWERTY keyboard easier?

Many say that the QWERTY keyboard is not designed for optimum comfort and speed of typing, but rather more for when typewriters were first built and to avoid the type bars that stamp the letters onto the paper, clashing together.

I think it looks like a great idea, and given that it only takes about 2 weeks to a month to learn to use I wouldn't be deterred. The only thing that would put me off using it is that you would have to take it everywhere with you as everyone else is still using QWERTY keyboards.

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Steve Gong
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Sorry, maybe I didn't clarify correctly. I'm already a high speed dvorak typist but was looking at the right and left hand only dvorak layouts that were originally designed for people with one hand.
Steve Gong
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So actually, it's not an inconvenience because I can still type in qwerty at full speed. You can also change the keyboard layout on any computer. When I was a qwerty only typist, I capped at 75 words per minute. With dvorak I can hit 130. It's one of the greatest decisions I've ever made in life.

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