How Many Types Of Amplifiers Are Available?


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Usually, an amplifier basically is any kind of gadget which consumes small quantities of energy to manage huge amount of energy. In the modern day world, the expression is usually associated with an electronic amplifier.

Generally nearly all amplifiers can be distinguished on the basis of parameters. There are number of electronic amplifiers available for different purposes like, Vacuum tube amplifier, transistor amplifier, operational amplifier, video amplifier, magnetic amplifier, optical amplifier, etc. The most well known form of amplifier is the electronic amplifier, which is usually applied in radio and television transmitters and receivers, microcomputers and additional electronic digital devices.

An acoustic amplifier is often used to amplify signals like music and speech. One of the primary gadgets applied to amplify signals was the carbon microphone. Prior to the invention of electronic amplifiers, automatically coupled carbon microphones were applied as amplifiers in telephone repeaters.

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