Where Can I Buy The Midnight Caller DVD Starring Jack Killian (Gary Cole)? I've Searched Everywhere.


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Mark Westbrook answered
Unfortunately, this has not made it to our shelves for sale. Neither is it available from any of the big entertainment/media companies such as the Amazon family of websites. Be careful if you are searching for it, as I believe on Amazon there is an adult film of the same name there.

Midnight Caller was the name of a television show about a police detective who accidentally shoots his partner dead when they are in a gun battle with an armed gang. Jack Killian the star of the show, with his haunted past, becomes a radio DJ, doing the late night hours, under the guise of the Night Hawk. By night a radio disk jockey, but day, he turned problem solver, using his police training to effect change in their lives.

The series ran for three years, but was cancelled due to falling audiences. It was a unique television show and tacked AIDS, homosexuality and other 'darker' subjects at a time when television was afraid to mention these things.

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