How Can I Reduce The Size Of Everything On My Computer Screen So Everything Fits On?


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Computer technology is always expanding and many people do not get used to a certain system before the next one comes out. Sometimes things happen when we click the wrong button and we do not know the way to bring them back in order.

One of such occurrences is when all the icons on the screen become too large that everything can’t fit on the screen again. This may be because your computer’s screen resolution is set too low, when the video drivers in your computer are corrupt or after some kind of accident. When it is caused by low screen resolution, don’t panic. There is a solution for this.

Things you need to get your screen size back to the proper size: First off you will need administrative access to it. Then;

Click on the "Start” Menu.

Select "Control Panel” from the displayed options.

When the Control Panel is open, you will see the "Appearance and Themes”. Accompanied with the picture of a monitor and a circular colored band beside it. Click on it.

Now you will have three options displayed; the "Folder” option, "Display” and the "Taskbar and Menu”. Click on the "Display” icon.

From the Display Properties, click on the "Settings” tab.

You will see a slider labeled "Screen Resolution”. It slides from "less” on the left side to "more” on the right side. Right-click and hold your cursor on it and slide it towards "more” to the right. The number below the slider should change to higher numbers. Higher numbers means that everything on the screen will appear smaller and small numbers means that everything on the screen will appear larger.

Click the "Apply” button when you are done. If it blanks your screen, it will reset after few seconds.

If you can’t move the slider or if the slider is "grayed out”, it may not be due to screen solution and you will have to seek a technicians help.
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She probably hit Ctrl +    Which zooms in on your internet display. To fix this you can simply hit Crtl -  or click on VIEW on your tool bar scroll down to Zoom and choose Zoom Out
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My daughter hit a few keys on the left side of the keyboard, now all websites are now magnified. How do I return it to a normal setting? Everything else is regular size.
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Well it depends it you have a mac or a pc. For a mac, you just go to system preferences and go to the icons and desktop icon. For a pc, I believe you have to go to control panel and then open appearance and theme.
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If it happened after playing a game then it is not the Theme or Icon size that needs to be changed, but the resolution.

Some games will play at a certain screen quality which is different from your windows desktop. This is fine, as most games then change the resolution back to how it was when you leave the game. Sometimes though this doesn't always work in time before the game quits.

You need to go into Control Panel->Display and then change the resolution. If you don't know what setting it is supposed to be, then just choose each one from the list of numbers (e.g. 800x600, 1024x768) starting with the smallest and going up.

You will eventually get to one setting that just looks 'right'. The screen should look sharper and everything should go back to normal.
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I cannot reduce the size of the screen to enable me to turn off
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Two reduce the size of the icons and stuff on your computer. You right click then click on view and select the size of the Icon you would like. If that is not how it is on your computer I am sorry. But that is how I always do it. Hope this helps.
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Right click anywhere on the desktop. Click on Personalize at the bottom of the pop-up menu if you are in Windows Vista otherwise click on Properties. Click on Display Settings in the Control Panel Pop-up menu if you are in Windows Vista otherwise click on the Settings tab. Click on Monitor and change the RESOLUTION from one value (low) to another (high). Click OK. If you like the setting then click on OK otherwise wait 15 seconds and the screen will go back to the previous setting. You're Done.
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This happened to me yesterday, right click on your desktop select properties, then settings, then change the screen resolution to the middle option by dragging the arrow :D not really complicated.

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