What Are Microcomputers?


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There is no strict definition of this type of computer but it is mainly defined as a system with a microprocessor that works as its CPU. One more common trait of these computers is that they take up actually small amounts of space. Though the terms are not identical, but they are also known as personal computers.

They introduced after the minicomputer, most remarkably replacing the several discrete components that made up the processor of minicomputer with a single incorporated microprocessor chip. The early on computers were archaic, the initial models shipping with as little as 256 bytes of RAM, and there were only lights and switches; there were no other hardware for taking the data input or output. On the other hand, the designs of these computers are getting enhancements speedily and memory became less expensive from the early years. The growing accessibility and power of such machines appealed the concentration of other software developers. As time passed on and the business matured, newer versions of operating systems are being developed. The uses of these computers are significant and the users find these systems easy to work.
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Just about anything you can think of doing on your home computer is a valid answer here.  A home computer or laptop is built around a microprocessor chip, and becomes a microcomputer. 

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