Should I Get A Cell Phone?


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Maybe your parents will consider getting you a phone where you buy minutes to try out for the first time and if you show how responsible you are with that then maybe you will get a better one,I wish you luck and happy birthday.
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i am 11 and my parents just won't let me get a cell phone they always say what will u do with it, its not like your going to use it that much but i will what should i do
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This is my theory: If you are able to use the internet like you are doing now, you should be able to manage a cell phone. 

However, a cell phone requires much more responsibility.  Managing your minutes, texts, & possibly data is a huge deal. 

This is what I would do:
Cut a deal with them.  Show them that you mean business and draw out a proposal.  Tell them that you will give them a weekly report of your cell phone usage in minutes & text. 
Also, make a specific date in the future.  IE your birthday.  Don't be greedy, meaning don;t aim for the best phone because it IS your first, right?  Tell them you will agree on any phone they get you.
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You are too young to have a cell phone. I was 16 years old when my parents got me a cell phone. And that was only because I was going far away out of town because of uil and debate. So you are really too young to have a phone. I think that people should at least be 15 before they get a phone.
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I'm 14 and i got a cell for my 13th bday but i got it because i showed my parents i was responsible so try and prove to them that you are responsible. Lik get a dog or animal and care for it to show them you are responsible good luck :)
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Im 12 and i have had several cellphones. From MV2`s , Samsungs, Touch screens, every thing! I got my 1st cell phone in 2nd grade. My recent cellphone is dead forver so i have to wait till July or September to get a new so that we can upgrade the family plan. Its sooooo hard having to not text because i don` t have a phone! I have found myself using my moms cell phone and its driving me crazy!!!!! Hope this helped =)
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Show them your responsible enough. Show them they could trust you.
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Yes if you need it i.e. You are out on your own/with friends alot but if you have no real use for it you don't need it!
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My rent won't let me have one!! But I'm 13!! You would b lucky if you got one for your 12th birthday.

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