Should Children Under 13 Have A Cell Phone?


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They should have one if they are on their own a lot (school, work, walking around the neighborhood) as a means to call parents, family and emergency personnel. Yes.. Maybe checking on a friend to see how they are doing. But not to the extent they are on the phone for hours every day and texting every 10 minutes during school.
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Many teens today are asking their parents for a cell phone. This is simply because they can also see it with their friends. Practically speaking, there's nothing wrong for a child to be given his own cell phone as long as he is already responsible enough to handle it and there is already a need for him to have one. So what the parents should ask now is the right type of cell phone that they should give to their children. My answer for this is a simple cell phone as children are most likely to get overwhelmed when they receive a cell phone with advanced features, which can cause them to use the device irresponsibly. A phone like the Just5 Easyphone is ideal for them as this doesn't only offer basic features but as well as an emergency alert system that can help secure children's safety.

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