How Do I Get A Copy Of Someone's Cell Phone Calls?


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Cell phone records can not be that difficult but it can be a tough process if you trying to look out for it without a valid reason. You will have to visit the company of the cell card records you looking out for. You might have to give reasons as to why you looking out for these records and then the process that you are asked to go through, just follow it.

Apart from this you can even go internet surfing, but I am not certain whether you will find the information you require. You can go through sponsored links or try harder. Good luck.
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I'm not sure if getting information about someone else's calls is legal, and it's not ethical for sure. The service provider cannot give you such records as that would be breaching a confidential agreement. However, there are several Internet web sites which sell lists containing information such as one's phone calls etc. The records of people such as members of Police Departments are always in danger of being exposed ads they are tracked and recorded.

Whatever the source, one's phone history is strictly private, and it is highly unethical as well as a breach of one' privacy to indulge in such practices.
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That is the worst answer ever, is this guy serious, yea just call the company and they'll just send you someone elses phone records if you answer a couple questions, bro do us all a favor and never answer another question online again cause you just wasted 3 seconds of my life reading your answer that you pulled outta the air

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