What Are The 4 Types Of Micro Computer?


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There are actually 5 different types of micro computer. These are:

  • Notebook computer - These can be as small as a physical notebook, hence their name. They can be great for commuters as they are still powerful but very easy to carry about in your bag.
  • Laptop - Bigger than a notebook and heavier but still portable. As their name suggests, they were built to fit on someone's lap to enable the user to type and use anywhere simply by placing it on their lap.
  • Desktop computer - These, as the name suggests, are designed to fit on a desk or flat surface such as a table. Once again, they are heavier and bigger than a laptop but are often designed to complete more complex operations as well as having each component such as the mouse, keyboard and screen separate from the main unit and simply attached by wires.
  • Mini tower - this is a version of the desktop computer but as suggested by the name once again, has a smaller main unit or tower. This not only means it takes up less space on a surface or desk but is designed to stand upright on any surface, whereas a desktop computer tower is designed to lay flat with the screen often on top.
  • Full tower - These are very similar to the mini tower with the main difference being that the tower is slightly higher and wider than the mini. Other than this, the differences are very slight.

These are the 5 different micro computers and each model has a different purpose and is suitable for different people. For example, someone who travels a lot and needs a computer would benefit more from the mobility of a notebook or laptop.
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1. Note book micro-computers
2. Laptop microcomputers
3. Desktop microcomputers
and last but lastly
4. Mini tower microcomputer
but there's an extra in the internet
5. ? Full tower microcomputer
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• Desktop computers
• Laptop and notebook computers
• Tablet PC
• Palmtop computers
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Micro computer is a big and heavy computer which can not be portable

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