Identify The Major Types And Uses Of Micro-computer, Mid-range And Mainframe Computer Systems?


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     Small computers, and can be classified into Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, and PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)/Palmtop.
     Ex.: Internationl Business Machines (IBM) PC 1981 model.
Mid-ranged computers:
     Also called Minicomputers and Medium-sized computers. Also small, but is used on business purposes.
     Ex.: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP series computers in early 1960s.
Mainframe computers:
     Large, fast, and fairly expensive, and used in businesses.
     Ex.: UNIVAC 1 in 1951.
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A mid-range Computer or minicomputer is a central computer that performs the processing for a number of users working at terminals.

A main Frame Computer is a central computer for a large number of users. It is more powerful than a mid-range computer and often has thousands of terminals connected to it.

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