What Are The Differences Between An Operating System For The Mainframe Computers And Personal Computers?


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There are
some differences between personal computer OS and mainframe OS, one of them a
mainframe OS can be used by many users at the same time so it must need to
service for many users. However a personal computer operating system designed
for one user normally.second of them a mainframe OS is more powerful and
expensive than pc OS. Mainframe OS designed to huge process from many users and
it means, it manages lots of I/O for many users, but in pc OS there is just one
user to log in it means, it does not manages lots of I/O for one user.
Ahmet Eralp KÜÇÜK
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Well, the OS for a main frame is targeted to handle hundreds of users at a time. Means that its managing hundreds of displays (monitors) and keyboards and keeps track of the input from each user, the process required/requested on these inputs and the output of these inputs. On the other hand, the other operating systems are not truly multiuser. If you create four accounts on Windows XP, then it does not mean that the OS is multiuser because only a single user can log in and interact with the machine.
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There are two types of operating systems. One is used for Server Computers like Windows 2000 Server and one is used for Personal Computers like Windows 2000 Professional. The Main Frame computer is the Server computer which has database installed on it and it offers services to the workstations on the network. We install professional addition of operating system on the computers at home where we don't need to offer any service to any client computer and we don't need to apply securities and restrictions.
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An operating system is a software that actually runs the computer and is the interface between the user and the computer. There are different operating systems for mainframes and personal computers. The mainframe operating systems are more powerful and expensive whereas the OS for PC's are readily available and are not that powerful.

The following link offers information about the different operating systems:

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