What Is The Difference Between Super Computer And Mini Computer?


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Super computers are bigger and has more memory and mini computers are smaller and have less memory
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Micro computers are small pc's that we use..they are single-
user operated systems more general used by an
individual...they are use for general purpose like
docementation,individual service,etc..

mini computers are those computer that lie betn micro and
super computer in size....they are stand-alone
computers...they are used for some special purposes like
payroll processing in large companies,accounting in small

super computers are the computers large in size than micro
or mini computers...they are multiple computers processing
in parallel...they are used for special purpose in
extensive large companies where speed must be very fast for
processing very large Supercomputer
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The Differences Between a Supercomputer & a Minicomputer. Super computersare the most powerful computing machines on the planet. Minicomputers are much smaller midsized machines that fall between mainframes and personal computers in processing speed, cost and power. If you want to know in detail then you can get help from our experts at CodeAvail-
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Difference bet ween General purpose and special purpose Application software?

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