What Is The Difference Between Human Being And A Computer?


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Difference between computer and human being?
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Computer can do only mathematical work but human can do both physical,Logical..
2)Human can think in different angle but computer does not
3)Memory capacity is high for computer but normal for human being
4)Human can use computer but cannot use man
5)Computer is Stupid machine for every work we have give commands ,but man to his own knowledge
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Computer a electronic device and nonliving but human being is living and computer is made bu human beings not human beings are made by computer so you can say human beings are more faster then computer and so sharp too
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Man designed and created computer and computer cannot create man ,

if a task is given to a computer and a man both will try to perform , time taken to complete the task will be different from one another , because computer works on previously defined programs and man uses his on style

computer can do tasks ,but there are limitations and talent of man is limitless

computer needs ac or dc to run and man needs his will power
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Similarities... Man store the memory of his girlfriend....just similar to computer hardware can., and differences computer need a operator But man need a lover only... I miss you maxine.

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