What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Information Systems? If I want to be a Software Developer. Which should I pursue a degree in?


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Computer science is a bit short of a mathematics degree with electrical engineering and programming involved. Computer Information System, CIS,  is for those who fail the CS program or those who absolutely suck at math. It's a half business degree and half computer science degree. Though there are some CIS majors in software development, most of them are from top ranking universities or have extracurricular work outside of school. Otherwise CIS majors belong to the IT department or in financial institutions. But the thing about the IT department is that you don't really need a college degree. They're looked at the same way by the tech field as how doctors look at chiropractors. Personally I appreciate the IT department.

Software developers study computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, and mathematics.

It's your call.

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