I want to be a software engineer but i don't know much about computers what should i start reading or doing?


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To become a software engineer, you'll need to drastically improve your knowledge of computers. The best way to learn more about computers is through basic courses in computer programming - after all, software is created through computer languages that are programmed according to specifications. Sometimes, engineering software can be very lucrative, so this vocation does provide lots of career opportunities to the right sort of candidates.

  • Education tips

In general, a software engineer-in-training will go to university or technical school and get a four year degree in a computer-related field, such as computer networks or computer programming. Then, extra education, such as a Master's degree, may be sought out. In some cases, software engineers may have doctorates in computer programming. However, there are some whiz kids out there who do great software engineering after teaching themselves how to create the perfect applications.

  • Software whiz kids

Examples of the types of whiz kids who used talent and education to change the world of software include the young Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs of Apple. Both of these geniuses started creating software at an early age, and then they revolutionized the world of computers through their inventions. Bill Gates was best known for his operating system, Windows, which replaced the DOS system that was commonly in use at that time. Steve Jobs was best known for his Mac computers; today, his company makes iPhones and all sorts of fun gadgets for the Internet-addicted.

To get started, surf the Web and learn all that you can about computers and their purposes. To do a software engineer job, you'll need plenty of basic knowledge of how software interacts with various types of hardware. Once you've got some rudimentary knowledge, you can move forward and begin to design simple software programs that help you learn more.
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