I Am A Student B.tech 3rd Year In Computer Science Branch What I Have To Learn To Be Good Software Engineer?


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First of all you have to decide on which language you want to have expertise. There are various languages like .net/java,/php/ajax/ and etc.

Currently, .Net is in demand and for that you must do some short-term course in .net from NIIT and go for some certification also. It will help you at the time of placement and increase your worth also.

A good software engineer must remember all the basic codes n all on tip.make some short programs(projects) and all, to get proficiency in programming language you choose. This will sharpen/make your skills stronger.
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People still confused about programming is easy
stuff or tough, anyway if you want to learn best & easy language than is
PHP. There are some simple resources available online like...

(1)W3Schools OnlineWeb Tutorials

(2)PHP Manual -Manual

(3)PHP ClassScripts

(4)PHP -
Hypertext Preprocessor


& if you want expert help, just go with some
featured programming school of India like gootlyacademic (Programming School of Ahmedabad)

Hope it
helpful for programmers likeC/C++/PHPetc.

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