Can you identify the benefits and the importance of computers?


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Sara Lewis answered

I think the benefits and importance of computers cannot be underestimated, for me at least, I couldn't live without them!

Computers, and of course the internet, have removed the need to have multiple devices for various different tasks, and streamlined it all into one device. 

I use my computer to watch TV, listen to and record music, edit video, play games, watch movies... 

The list goes on - and it really does, those things I mentioned are just my multimedia tasks, I haven't even touched on communications, shopping, banking... (you get the picture).

For me, computers make life so much easier to manage and organise. I know that if I have things to do, I can sit at my computer and get them sorted (if I don't get distracted by social media and cute pictures of cats...).

As someone born in the '80s I don't have the experience of not having a computer to compare it to, as the technology has been around for all of my adult life. But I'm thankful for that. I don't know what I'd do without Google!

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