When A Computer System Process Data Into Information It Goes Through Four Phases Of Activities. Identify The Phases And Explain The Relevance Of Each Activity In Computing.


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It is a collection of steps required to convert data into information. There are phrases like input, process, output and feedback. In the step of collection, the raw facts are collected from different stages. The collection data is classified into different categories in the step. For example, in a college, the data of students and the data of teachers will be classified in two different categories. In the step of input, the collected data is given to the computer as input for processing. The data give to the computer should be verified to make sure that it is correct and valid for processing. The data is stored in a computer in binary form. This step converts the input data into binary form to store it in the computer. In the step of storing, the data is stored in the computer. Different storage medias are used to store the data like hard disks and tapes etc. sometimes, it is easier to process data if it is sorted. In this step, the data is arranged in a particular sequence.

In the step of processing, all types of required processing is applied on the stored data. Different calculations and functions and used to convert the data into the required information. In the step of summarizing, a large amount of data is processed it in a summarized form. Instead of using the whole data, only summary of the data can be used. The basic purpose of data processing is to generate new information from the data. In this step, the processes data is displayed to the users. We can display the information on monitor or printer. This new information can also be stored on disks for future use. In the step of feedback, we take the comments of different users about the data processing system and its output. This feedback is very important to improve the data processing system.

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