What Are The Basic Elements Of A Computer System?


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Basic elements of a computer system are Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, memory, CPU, motherboard, Hard Disk, Speakers, Modem, power Supply, and processor.

Mouse: Mouse is sued for operating the system. You can also use computer without mouse, as by using motherboard but in this case it will be very tough to use a computer. These days optical mouse is used because it is very efficient to use as compared to simple mouse.

Keyboard: Keyboard is used to giving input to the system and system gives output to the user. There are many things which we cannot do without keyboard as we cannot write any thing without a keyboard.

Monitor: Monitor is very essential part of a computer system. It is used to display things which we perform on a computer.

Motherboard: Motherboard is also a necessary element of a computer system. It contains different elements as memory, processor, modem, slots for graphic card and LAN card. Memory is sued to run programs on a computer. LAN card is sued for making a network between computers.Hard Disk: Hard disk is used to store data permanently on computer.

Modem: Modem is used to connecting internet. Two types of modems exist. One is known as software modems and other is known as hardware modems.

Speakers: Speakers are also included in basis elements of a computer. But it is not necessary as a computer can perform its function without this. However, we use it to for multiple purposes.
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Elements of Computer System:
1. Hardware - tangible items e.g. Mouse
2. Software - Step of instruction to perform task|intangible e.g Adobe Photoshop
3. Data and Information - data refers to unprocessed figures| Information- processed or manipulated data that can be used in decision making.
4. Poeple ware- Refers to the user or operator
5. Communications - is the electronic transfers of data from one place to another

By: Wilcar Saturno
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Elements of computer.

1. Hardware- devices in the computer that can be seen and touch.

2. Software- program install in the computer that tells the hardware what to do.

A. Application software-it tells the computer what to do in a specific task.

B. System Software= operating system

3. People ware - is the computer User.

4. Data- it maybe letters or numbers, images that we can see, the audio that we can hear or the video that we can watch.
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1.Peopleware - the people who use the computer
   ex. Student, librarian
     2.Hardware - the parts of the computer
   ex. Monitor, mouse
     3.Software - programs/applications that tell the computer what to do(instructions).
   Ex. Word processing program, spreadsheet program

there are only three. SWEAR.
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A computer consists of three basic elements/components such as hardware, software and memory. Hardware includes the tangible aspects of computers and can be touched such as mouse, printers, monitor, microphone, scanner etc. Hardware is usually used for input and output purposes. It takes instructions from the user from input devices such as mouse, key board etc and displays the output (after processing) on the other hardware devices such as monitor, LCDs, scanner, printers etc. The software of the computer includes operating system which executes all the programs and instructions given by the user. The computer software itself is categorized in to two i.e system software and application software. System software includes the software execution by the computer itself such as windows and DOS whereas applications softwares are user generated applications such as powerpoint, Ms office etc. The memory of the computer can also be categorized under hardware but sometimes it is considered as a separate element of the computer system. Memory allows the user to store the data and processes performed by the computer. Memory is divided in to three categories such as RAM, ROM and secondary storage devices. All these components are essential for the effective functioning of computer system.
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The Element of Computer System Consist Two Components:
1. Hardware
2. Software

Hardware: This is the physical parts of computer system e.g. Keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.

Software: This are set of programme that drives the performers of hardware, hardware is classified into three:
1. Operating system
2. Utility software
3. Language translator

Operating System
This is the master programme permanently stalled inside the computer system, operating system control and manages the resources of computer system.

Type of Operating System
1. Single user of operating system
2. Multi user of operating system
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Hardware like cpu and memory.(RAM).
Software like - application software or windows operating system.
In put/ out put device like monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.
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There are 4 key elements of a computer which are:  User,  software: Set of coded instructions such as MS Windows, Linux etc  hardware: Consists of CPU, monitor, printer, mouse, keyboard etc.   electricity  The hardware is used to put in information in the system. This information is converted by the software in the CPU to machine readable form and is processed. After processing it is again converted to human readable form and is displayed on the hardware i.e printer, monitor etc. All these machines operate on electricity.
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Those are the Hardware, Software, Data ware, and the People ware.
The Hardware is the one we use to interact with the programs. The Monitor, Mouse, etc.
The Software was the program itself.
The data ware is where the data will be stored or data itself.
The people ware is us, we, the users of these machines.
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There are lots of basis elements of computer such as Monitor,keyboard, Mouse, Printer, CPU, Memory, Input and output devices and many more elements are present in the computer system
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I think the four basics of computer are the following: 1. ALU 2. COntrol unit 3.MEmory 4.Input/output devise
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The basic elements of computer system are as follows...
Soft ware
hard ware
people ware
and data ware...
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I agree to those who answer,Hardware,Software and Peopleware Elements of Computer System.Components of Computer is also known as Parts or Hardware.Ex.Monitor,Keyboard, Mouse etc.(classified as Hardware)
That's all thank You!!!

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