How hard would it be to delete all traces of yourself from the internet?


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Well that can depend on how much information about you is already posted. Speaking from experience it is very hard, however not impossible.

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Yo Kass
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When you say experience, does that mean you've tried it yourself?

And do you think it's going to get harder as social networks start harvesting and sharing more of our data?

Or do you think increased concerns about privacy might create a market for well-written privacy software capable of managing who sees what information about us?
Michaela beney
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i have tried it yes but in the end i just decided to limit the number of sites i use and the amount of info i post.

i do think it will get considerably harder as each social network site grows however i also think the increased concern about privacy may well be able create a suitable software to protect privacy, which could possibly in turn would mean more viruses and or other dangerous software being created.
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I've tried and its almost impossible for some sites that malfunction and people who obtained your information illegally somehow. I think you would need to pay a professional to delete a person from the internet.
Especially one who is always on it for work and pleasure.

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