What Are Mini And Macro Computers?


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First introduced in the early 1970s, these machines, as the name suggests, are relatively small in size and cheaper in cost than mainframe computers. Some minicomputers are uniprocessor system whereas some are multiprocessor systems. A minicomputer can support up to64 or even more terminals. Minicomputers are extensively used for payroll preparation, accounting and scientific computations. High-performance workstations with graphics input/output capability use minicomputers. Minicomputers are used for multi-user and interactive applications in universities, research organizations, government organizations, industries etc. Examples of minicomputers are IBM AS/400/B60, VAX8842, Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP11.

Macro or Mainframe Computers
Mainframe computers, shown in are very powerful large general-purpose computers. They are faster and more powerful than minicomputers.
They are used where large amount of data are to be processed or very complex calculations are to be made, and these tasks are beyond the computing capacity of minicomputers. They are used in research organizations, large industries, large business and government organizations, banks, and airlines reservations where a large database is required. The significant feature of the mainframe computer is the centralized use of the computer. It can operate on an around the clock basis. It provides information to both business and scientific users in a very efficient manner.

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