I Have A Broken Psp And I Need A Phone Number That Can Help Me To Get The Sony Psp Repair. Can You Help?


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I need yo know how to fix my psp it is not turning on I charged it I switched the batteries and I did not put it in water
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Hmmm... You don't really give us much information... Are you using an older 'fat' psp, or the newer 'slim' psp? What happened immediately before you started having these problems? Did you try to update the firmware, and accidentally shut if off before it was done?
 The symptoms you describe could be any number of things, so maybe you're right, maybe you should send it to Sony to get it repaired...

SCEA Consumer Services
1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST
Sunday 7:00 - AM 6:30 PM PST
Or contact us online.

If it turns out that you (or someone else) WAS trying to update, or even hack the firmware on your psp just before this happened, you may just be bricked, and if so, you should do some homework online, and see if you can find someone locally that has a Pandora Battery set up, and if they'll help un-brick it...
Good luck!
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The screen would not come on
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Well if your screen is cracked its over but if there's some technical difficulties take it to game stop
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Help my psp green light comes on but my memory stick or wi-fi lights wont come on and neither my screen so please help me what do I do

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