I Need The Code To Control My VIZIO TV With My Scientific Atlanta Remote? Can You Help Me?


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There is no one code that you can use for this as there are different codes that come with different models of VIZIO TVs. You will need to contact VIZIO and get the correct code for your model of tv.

  • Contact VIZIO
You can contact VIZIO by calling their helpline on their website or by using the email address in the contact us area of the website. This will help you with finding what code you will need. Once you have the code the TV should work with the scientific universal Atlanta remote. They may be costly to call so email may be a better option for an issue that is not urgent. It says on their website that they will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Visit a TV store
If you do not have the code because you have lost the manual for the TV, you can always ask in store. Most electronic stores will be able to help you out and they will be able to have a look in a manual that they have to give you the code. You will then be able to connect all of your devices to one universal remote control.

  • Other devices
You are doing the correct thing with your other devices and all electronics for use with your TV should come with a code that will enable them to be used with a universal remote control. You will be able to connect all of these together to create a remote control that you can be happy with and not have to fiddle around looking for a different remote control for everything that you need.
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Try 1004 it worked for my Scientific Atlantic remote for our Vizio tv
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386 or 387 were in manual and 386 worked for me
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I have a vizio lcd 42inch that i bought at sams club almost 4 yrs ago, it has the speakers at the bottom...(im describing it cause i dont know the model number) i have time warner cables scientific atlanta HDbox with a newer remote that has the time warner cable logo and the letters- ur5u-8780l-twt.... Anyway the code 386 worked for me!
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0030 worked for my 1056B01 Scientific Atlanta DVR remote control.

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