I Have A JVC XL-F154 CD Player And Need The Code For It To Use My Phillips PH301S Universal Remote Controller. Can You Give Me The Codes?


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Tim Cook answered

There's no need to panic if you've lost the codes for your Phillips PH301S universal remote controller. Plenty of online sites offer the codes, or copies of the manual for this type of remote. Try first, as this site provides PDFs for the manual of your PH301S remote.

Other sites offer support and advice for this and other makes of Philips universal remotes. You could try, or, where one user found themselves in a similar situation to yourself and sent up a thread asking for help. There's also a link to the PH301S manual in this thread. is a simlar forum, also with threads dedicated to the PH301S universal remote.

Philips Customer Care

Of course, you could try contacting Philips themselves. Their general helpline is 0844 338 0489, but for TV accessories like remotes, try 1-866-309-7730. Their website also offers access to manuals and general support.

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