I Need Codes For A Viore Tv With A Comcast Remote, Can You Help?


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Try 10702, 10030, 10672 for Comcast Remote with a Viore TV. These codes may or may not work. According to tech support with Viore TV a lot of the internal components are made by Samsung. The tech support people assure you that the Samsung codes will work with universal remotes such as Comcast Cable remotes. If you visit the link below you will find more Samsung codes to try.
www.comcast.com/MediaLibrary/1/2/CM/VanityURL/documents/code The above link does not list anything for Viore TV, which is why you might want to try the Samsung codes listed on the page. If none of the codes work you will probably have to use the original remote the TV came with to turn it on and then use the Comcast remote for the cable box only.
According to the information found online Viore TV tech support states their televisions do not work with most universal remotes like the ones you buy in store. Those with cable or satellite boxes have a potential of working only if you use the Samsung codes, but this may not always work.
Some individuals have managed to use Akai codes like 0054 and 1207. 1684 TV code has also worked. A lot of individuals have this problem with Viore TV and Comcast remotes and satellite remotes. In other words you are not the only one unable to find codes that are supposedly for the TV cable set up you have. The suggestions may or may not work, but they are a best guess by those with these TVs. Tech support seems to offer two different answers such as there are no codes use both remotes and use the Samsung Codes. If you are willing to try anything you may just go through all the codes you can find to see what will work.
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Yes, I used code 10702 using the gray remote from comcast and it worked perfectly.

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Thank you.....very helpful
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It also worked for the comcast remote with the red OK button. Thanks so much because I even called comcast and they told me that there was no code for it.
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I purchased a Viore 22"  LCD HDTV and used code 10702 with the Comcast grey remote (red OK button) and it works perfectly.  This code is appropriate for Akai, Curtis Mathes, Samsung, and Telefunken brand TV's.  It must work with Viore as well.
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Same problem, at this point I wish I spent the extra money and got a tv that did not have this problem.
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I was told to use the samsung codes. But I tried them all and no results. But its worth a shot.

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