What Is The Code For A Sabre TV On A CLIKR-5 Cable Remote Control? TIME WARNER CABLE


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No idea..BUT!   In our household thing seem to get lost with annoying frequency.  TV remotes are no exception.  Also, my wife likes to have her own so she doesn't have to hunt for mine.  In response to a web response to an another's question I programmed my universal remote to "042".  That code did work -- sort of.  Then in a lucid moment I remembered my remotes are LEARNING remotes.  Following the simple instructions I managed to program the remote to work perfectly with the Sabre TV.  (You need the OEM remote to use this procedure.)   The remotes that I have are X-10 products that they call their "platinum remotes" part no. UR74A.  www.x10.com
A  quick peek at www.radioshack.com revealed that they have learning remotes at under $20.00.  I have no personal knowledge of the RADSHAK units, but the X10's work fine.

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