I Need A Code For A Sanyo TV For One For All Universal Remote, Can You Help?


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To input a code for a universal remote control to work on a Sanyo television you will need to refer to the operating instructions of your television. There should be a section or a page that tells you how to program in the code. The code you require will depend on the model of the television you are using.

If you wish to operate a universal remote control with your television, some are pre-programmed. If your television is not pre-programmed there are two ways in which you can do this, using code search or using code lists.

To program your television using code search you first need to turn on the television and press and hold code search on the universal remote control. Press the TV button and the selected device button will flash once. Release the code search button. Press the on/off button repeatedly until the device turns off. Once the device is off press the enter button. Turn the device back on and press any button. This should have activated the remote control. If this hasn't worked you will need to use the code list option. Find the relevant code for your television.

Most Sanyo codes are listed on the Internet and the most popular are 017, 021, 039, 056, 057 and 058. Press and hold code search on the universal remote control. Press the TV button and once it flashes, enter the relevant three-digit code. Release the code search button. Press any other button on the universal remote. If this has activated the remote control then you have the correct code. If this doesn't work then you can try and use the other codes repeating the same steps as before.
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The code is 0154
1.Press and release the devices Key
2. Hold down the set key until the red LED light blinks twice then release
3.Enter 0154, the light will automatically blinks twice.

I was on the search for this this morning.

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