Does Anyone Have A Remote Control Code For A Viore Plasma Tv?


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To get a remote control code for a Viore Plasma TV, have a look at their site: There is lots of information here, including contact details so that you get exactly what you want. You can email the parts and accessories department at [email protected], and get access to lots of necessary peripherals such as manuals, remotes, cords and service parts.

There is also a FAQ page on this site so if you experience any other kind of problem with your Viore Plasma TV, you may be able to find the answer there before you contact any of their support options.

Viore has been in the audio, video and home entertainment business for over 50 years, and they are well known for making equipment that is more affordable for those who have to keep a very keen eye on their budget.

Having said that, there are a lot of negative comments about the standard of some of their products with some people suggesting that the price of cheap is too high because Viore products have a tendency to break down, and that their parts are not easy to get hold of.

Viore, on the other hand, claim that their experience makes them a worthwhile company, which is innovative and technologically advanced, and that their commitment to customer care is second to none.

Anybody who is thinking of buying a plasma TV, or any other electrical equipment, should seriously consider doing a little bit of market research before they part with their hard earned cash to make sure that they are getting the best product available for their money. It’s easy to ask other people what their experiences are, and you can also check online at independent review sites, such as Which.
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I called Viore and they gave me the code of 11395 for direct TV she told me that was the only code she had for Direct TV. I tried it and it works... YEA!!!
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Hi Guys:  I have a Viore with TIVO RCN and after going through almost every code there is:  0092 worked a treat for me - Dave
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I used Samsung codes and it worked for me, heard some of the main components are made by Samsung.
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I followed the online instructions (menu - setup - remote - TV) for the remote to find the code instead of inputting the 5 digit code myself.  All the codes I found on the internet for the Viore did not work.  I took my time and followed the instructions carefully and I didn't put my remote on AV1.  Oh the most important thing the remote I used from Direct TV was model number RC64.  It worked!  My TV was manufactured in 2007 so I know if direct TV can find the code for my TV it will for yours.  P.S. The TV turns on and off, channel up and down, and volume up and down - that's all.  All other functions like moving from TV to other input doesn't work.  For me that is better than having no functions.  A side note the original remote for the Viore LCD26V37HA is not longer manufactured after November 2009 and getting the company to help locate one is like pulling teeth.
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We managed to get the Direct TV remote to control our Viore PDP42V18HA by setting up the remote to control the TV under the AV1 input (instead of the TV input) and using the code search. When doing the code search and the TV responds, make sure you hit the Select button immediately (or you might as well start the process over). Also, cover all the other A/V components' sensors (we used a towel) so that they cannot interfere. Unfortunately, we cannot verify the code selected per the procedure outlined in the Direct TV manual (p.11 at because the green light does not blink, so I can't post what the final code was, but the Direct TV remote is now controlling our Viore TV for every function.
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I want to program a Dish network remote control for the Viore PDP42V18HA .

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