How To Mark A MS Word Doc To Generate A TOC


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You want to know how you can make table of contents (TOC) by using Microsoft word.
It is very simple, and you can do this very easily.
First of all, you have to define headings in your text as heading 1, heading 2, heading three like this.
Suppose you have following headings in your word document;

1) SEO
2) Types of SEO
3) ASP
4) Functions of ASP
5) Conclusion
Now You have to define headings as H1,H2 and so on.
I will mark SEO as heading 1, Types of SEO  as heading 2 because it comes under SEO and it will become as sub heading.
Then I will mark ASP as heading 1 because it is a different topic.
In the end I will mark conclusion also a heading 1, means that it is a  different thing and it is not a sub-heading.
You just select the word which is your heading as in above example SEO will be 1st heading so I will simple highlight the word " SEO" and then I will go on to the tool bar of your word document there you will find, Font, Font Size, and style (as Normal will be set by default). Click on the style and go downward to the list you will see heading 1 just click on it. You can mark all the headings by doing using the same way. After  this just  go on to the top tool bar of Microsoft word  and you will see a menu named "insert" just click on this a drop down menu will be open , then click on the reference, again a sub menu will be open  and you will see "index and tables" just click on it and a window will be open. From there click on the table of contents. Choose whatever style you want and click ok. Your TOC is done.

I try to explain this thing as if I am teaching a person who is using microsoft word first time that's why it took so many words otherwise to teach a person who is familiar with word it is very easy to teach.
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Microsoft Word can generate the Table of Content itself for a document. In order to do this you must first write the document. By default MS WORD assumes anything written using HEADING 1 STYLE as the main heading in the table of content, HEADING 2 STYLE as the first sub-heading and so on. Follow this rule, but you can change it later as I will tell you.

Once the document is written place the mouse cursor where the table of content is to be inserted. Now I don't know which version of OFFICE you are using, I am using 2003.

Follow these steps:

1) Go to INSERT MENU, under that REFERENCE and under this INDEX AND TABLES…
2) The INDEX AND TABLES window will open before you. Go to the second tab TABLE OF CONTENTS
3) It gives you a preview of how the table of content will look. You can change some settings via checkbox like SHOW PAGE NUMBERS, RIGHT ALIGN PAGE NUMBERS, the TAB LEADER (space between heading and page number) etc.

Under General heading you can also chose the format of the table of contents, as well as the number of subheadings you want to show (by default it is three).

If you want to change the rule (told above) of main heading being of HEADING 1 STYLE click on the OPTIONS button and change your settings.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your table of content, simply press OK button and it will appear on your page.

Lastly, if you make a change to your document after you have created the table of content and wish the new changes to be reflected, simply highlight it, right click and choose UPDATE FIELD. A pop-up window will ask you if you wish to update the page numbering or the entire table. The safest bet is to choose ENTIRE TABLE.

Hope this helps.

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