How To Make A Small Electric Generator?


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To make a small electric generator, you need to first make all the wooden parts and cut them down to the size required. In readymade kits (the do-it-yourself or DIY model kits), the parts are already available and cut to the standard size. But the wooden parts can be prepared by cutting two square pieces measuring 3 ½" x 3 ½" from the balsa wood, making a 3/8" hole in the centre of each square, cutting four 1" x 3 7/16", cutting a ¾" piece from the 1" wooden dowel, making a 3/8" hole in the centre of it, inserting a six-inch long 3/8" wooden dowel in the hole, applying some glue, centering it and waiting for it to dry and making another hole with the diameter of the rod magnet in the centre of the larger piece of wooden dowel through which the magnet can go.

The steps to make the electric generator are inserting the magnet in the hole of the wooden dowel, center it, using glue to secure it, making a box out using a big square balsa wood and four smaller rectangular balsa woods, inserting the wooden down into the hole at the centre of the box (the magnet would be inside the box by then), placing the other large square to complete the box, applying some glue to the edges, waiting for it to dry (now a box is formed with a magnet inside, that spins when the dowel is spun), wrapping 200 turns of copper wire around the box, using masking tape to secure it, removing the insulation from the ends of the wire, connecting it to the screws of the bulb-holder or base, inserting the light-bulb and spinning the wooden dowel fast to produce light.
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Can you tell me what materials do I need?
Do I have to buy a whole set of things?
If yes, is it expensive?
If no, where can I find the materials?
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To make a generator all that we need is slip rings an external resistor ,a motor to have mechanical energy which would then converted in to electric energy  magnetic poles,to have a relative motion between a coil and magnet so that an EMF will be induced.

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