How To Make Keygen?


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Making a Keygen is not simple so this advice is only recommended to be used by experienced programmers. As is it illegal in most states and countries it is advised to check the legality first before attempting to create one. A Keygen (a shortened form of 'key generator') is a small program that will create valid CD keys or serial/registration numbers for a part of software. These are usually made available by software cracking teams for various websites that are dedicated to software privacy and are normally free a download. A Keygen is not easy to make even for purely academic purposes. Full knowledge of the program you are using is required so that you can use a dissasembler, which is illegal, or by actually knowing the algorithim which would probably make you the program author. If you have this knowledge it is just the simple matter of adding some entry fields, some interesting artwork and a serial result field which would tie the input data (name of company etc) to the serial by using one or more mathematical functions. If you reside in the United States it is not recommended for you to try this method as it is criminal through copyright infringement in most states. However, if you live in a place that does not have the same respect for intellectual property it is possible you could do this. The legality of this will differ based on the local, state, federal or international laws that are applicable in your area. For more information and full details on how to make a Keygen, this site contains more in-depth information on how to do this: - of course assuming that you are trying this for educational reasons within the legal boundaries of your country.
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Keygen is a small program which will generate a key or a registration number for a piece of software. It is used as an adjunct to software piracy.

Here is a comprehensive guide in the link below, which is strictly for educational purposes and will show you how a keygen is created:
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You have to tupe a program in visual basics & it in .exe format
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First of all you try to learn some programming language. There after Hack this software for which you want your Key Gen.
Then you can create your Key-Gen.

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