The License Limit FOr This PrOduct Has Been Reached". What ShOuld I DO?


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I am very POSITIVE this will really WORK for your problem
1.You install The Sims 3 into you PC.
2.If you are done installing it, Go to My Computer and Right Click the DVD RW Drive (D:) Sims3
3.After Right Clicking it, click Explore.
4.Then, You will see a folder named "Crack".
5.Then Open it.
6. Now, you will see two things. Rld-sim3 and TS3.
7.You Right Click on the TS3 and click COPY.
8.Then Go to Computer again.
9.Then Open The Thing ABOVE DVD RW Drive (D:)  Sims3 (Hard Disk Drive)
10.Open Program Files.
11. Look for "Electronic Arts"
12. Open the "Electronic Arts" folder.
13. Then Open "The Sims 3" folder.
14.Then Open "Game" folder
15.Then Open "Bin" folder
16.Now, Right Click and then Click PASTE
17.Then a window will show up.
18.Click the one saying "REPLACE".
19.Then when you are done "PASTING" Disconnect yourself from the internet.
20. You can play The Sims 3 from you launcher now.
Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! Even a 7 year-old can do this. I'm very sure.
Hope this helps!!!
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i cracked the game,but its still showing up..what do i do?
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I love you, man! This was probably too easy but thank you so much!
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This sounds like an awesome solution, and I really want to try it, but when I right click on the drive, there is no "explore" option. Any ideas?
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I don't know how old this question is but others might find my answer useful here... I had this problem and what you need to do is completely uninstall The Sims 3... Using windows uninstaller is not enough though... I downloaded a program called Revo uninstaller (google it!) You need this program as windows does not clear the program off your system completely... Thus you keep getting the same message.
Then reinstall the program (e.g. Mount and run setup again like you did in the first place).  You may/may not need to enter a reg code... If you do then find one now because you will need to switch off your internet while installing it again. Do not allow the sims to collect info on you and do not install the download manager. When the program is installed DO NOT RUN IT. Replace the TS3.exe file in the bin folder with the one in your download/unzipped folder! If you do not have this file (like I didnt!) then you need to download it. You can get it here: That will create a folder with the TS3.exe file in it! Hope thats helped... Its late and Ive been playing the game all night :)
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No folder called crack...
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You know. The stupid thing is that I actually bought the game a while ago. But I had to remove it from my computer, well... Because it was a shitty computer. Now I lost the DVD. So I downloaded it from the EA Download Manager with my account. But I get this WEIRD FREAKIN' MESSAGE! No matter what I do, even if I crack it (when I crack it, it simply doesn't do anything, not even a message), it won't start up. And I'm certainly not going to buy it again! WHAT TO DO?

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