How Can I Tell If My Email Has Reached The Correct Recipient?


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Louise Gorman answered
There are some email providers that allow you to send receipt requests to the recipient so that they can inform you that they've recieved your email.

Usually, any emails that you have sent are put into the 'sent' folder, so that you can keep record of who you've sent your emails to.If you've accidentally typed in an address that doesn't exist then you may recieve an alert informing you that the email has not been able to reach the recipient.

You could always contact the recipient either by phone or letter to ask them if they have recieved your email ok. If it isn't a formal email, and just an email to a friend, then perhaps you could drop them a text message asking if they have recieved your email.

If you have sent an email to a recipient more than once and they still haven't recieved it, then it could be because their inbox is full or because they haven't spotted it yet.

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