The Exception Breakpoint A Breakpoint Has Been Reached. (0x80000003) Occurred In The Application At Location 0x7c901230. Can You Help?


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Depending upon the level expertise there are reportedly two courses of action for dealing with 0x80000003 errors that occur.

  • Beginner's instructions
For those who are unfamiliar with computers it is advisable to use an automatic repair utility to scan and fix any registry errors. In order to accomplish this first download the repair utility/scanning software.

It may be feasible to correct any errors by using Microsoft's free utility tools at
Alternatively using a paid for application such as found at may yield more satisfactory results. Scan the computer using the utility and then if and when given the option select the 'fix errors' option and once complete, reboot the computer.

  • Intermediate and Advanced Users
Using an administration log in you will need to run the system restore utility and take the computer back to a previous checkpoint. To do this go to start > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore. A new window will launch, select 'restore my computer to an earlier time' and click next. Choose the checkpoint you would like to restore to and click next. System restore will execute and on completion automatically restart the computer.

  • What does an 0x80000003 refer to and how did it happen?
An 0x80000003 error such as the one described is simply a way to help software developers identify the cause of the error and correct it. Why it happened could be one of three reasons; that there is an error in the developer code itself, it could be from Spyware that may be affecting the system registry or it may be that the computer has corrupted or damaged files that the software can no longer access.

Not shutting down the computer properly, incomplete software installation or when applications have not been deleted correctly can all cause the latter situation.
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This is a DMA problem. You can get step by step instruction on this link I hope this will help you a lot. Try this out am sure this will solve your problem

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