What Is The Difference Between A Web Based Application & Windows Based Application?


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1.*A Web based application runs from a web,through a browser.
1.#Windows based application is more precisely a computer based application,which is run through OS(win,linux,mac os x).
2.* Can be used by different users accessing the same program...hence mobility is more.
2# Has to be accessed by the particular computer.
3* Speed is slow
3# Speed is comparatively faster
4*Database handling plays a major part
4#Role of database is less or none.
5*Range is wider-http,www,sntp,snmp.
5# Limited to a particular computer
6*Uses network layer
6#Uses application layer
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Web based application: Application will be loaded in the server. Client machine use the application using URL. You have to test it on different web browsers. Web applications are supposed to be tested on different browsers and OS platforms so broadly Web application is tested mainly for browser compatibility and operating system compatibility, error handling, static pages, backend testing and load testing.

Window based application: Runs on personal computers and Work stations, so when you test the desktop application you are focusing on a specific environment.
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Windows based application are limited to windows operating system on a comp but web based application is related to the no of comps on-lined.web based application is dependent on many protocols like HTTP,WWW ,SNMP,SNTP etc... & used for remote communication & internet services. It is used on the network layer. While the windows based application is used on the application layer.
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Windows applications have traditionally been limited by the hardware on which they are run.....while in web based applications it's the opposite.
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Web based application run in browser but desktop application run on OS.Anyone can visit web based application globally with internet but desktop application is specific to a desktop PC.



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Web application uses internet connectivity but in windows application no need to use internet connection
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A web app. Is online but a windows app. Doesnt have to be online.

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