What Is The Difference Between Application Testing And Web Based? Testing ? Explain End-to-End Testing


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An application is the process design used to perform a specific task in computer software programming. Application testing is to determine successes and failures of the product.

Web-based testing is the use of new software, such as the new Microsoft Vista, to determine its efficiency, and search for failed applications and problems within the software program. Presently, many people are using the Vista program, in place the of Windows.

As failures in compatibility with web browsers, websites and/ or other problems occur, information is forwarded to Microsoft. Microsoft works to correct the problems and improve their new product and will design a Hotfix or other form of corrective application.

The term end-to-end refers to input signals (x) and output signals (y) in a transmission system. Both signals are measured to discover deviations in power of the signals. Large deviations are compensated partially, while smaller deviations are totally compensated.

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