What Is The Difference Between End To End Testing And System Testing?


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System testing means testing of a single system and end to end testing means testing the flow from one system to another.
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System Testing
The system testing is used to check the validity of system. This testing is created by programmer, programmer's manager or by the unit to control the quality of system. Quality of system is checked by IT organization. The basic thing is to control the overall working of system according to the user requirements and needs. Documents are created for the help of user .When the user interacts with the software he must know all about its tools and this is available in the documents design for him.

End-to-End Testing
End to End Testing includes the cooperation and helpful environment between the IT organization and the customer. This means to assure that data travels from one place to another place is valid and according to system requirements. The customer fixes the rules and ways for test the validity of data. This data is actually the system authentication to check the overall working of the system .This validity is provided as default in the software. In this way the system is not only in running form but also fulfill all the requirements of user. When ever user feels the error in system the test is used to check the system validity.
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Yeah it is

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