What Is The Difference Between Dispose, Close, Exit And End? And When Do You Use Them?


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The verb to dispose is used in the context of giving, selling or transferring (something) to another person and also in the context of discarding, throwing or casting away (something).

The verb to close is the opposite of the verb to open. It is most commonly used in the context of ceasing to operate (something) or causing (something) to stop operating. The verbs to shut, to lock and to seal are closest in meaning to the verb to close.

On the other hand, the verb to exit is synonymous with the verbs to move out, to vacate and to depart (from a place). The verb to end means to bring (something) to its conclusion or climax. The end of an event or an occurrence is defined as the concluding part of the event or occurrence.
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Dispose(): Should release all the resources that it owns.
Close():closing the application
exit():Exiting from the loop
end():stops the execution of the page/function/procedure

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