What Are The Different Scales That VB Uses To Define Coordinate Systems?


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Scale is actually a unit that is used to measure the coordinate system.Coordinate system is mostly used when we want to draw images , shapes , or pictures etc.The coordinate system will determine that where the drawn points will be displayed on the screen.There may be the different scales used in different programs.Visual basic provides eight different types of scales that determine the coordinate systems as:

1. Used defined (the scale defined by a user).
2. Tips (it is a scale mode used to display the forms and controls by default. There are 1440 tips in an inch, 567 tips in a centimeter and 20 tips in a point).
3. Points (this scale mode is normally used for font size. There are 72 points in an inch).
4. Pixels (scale used for images. it is actually a basic unit of screen resolution).
5. Character (it is equivalent to the 12 points).
6. Inches (it is equal to the physical inch).
7. Millimeter (it is a physical millimeter).
8. centimeter ( it is physical centimeter)

There is a default scale mode in VB and the upper left point of the screen is the origin (0, 0) of this default coordinate system. We can also define a new coordinate system by using a method 'Scale'.

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