What Is The Difference Between Asp.net And Php?


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PHP and ASP.NET are two of the most widely used languages for development of web applications. Both allow development of complex and sophisticated sites, but both are very different.

PHP is a language. PHP consists of a platform-independent engine that parses PHP scripts. This language also provides common web application functionality such as database connectivity.

ASP.NET is not a language, but a technology and is a small part of the .NET Framework. The Dot NET Framework consists of a) CLR – Common Language Runtime which manages execution of the code b) a hierarchical set of class libraries. These libraries are extensive and provide a great deal of functionality both for web-based applications and well as windows-based.

ASP.NET framework is built entirely on an OOP paradigm and OOP concepts while PHP is not.

PHP does not follow the OOP paradigm entirely. It only supports partial encapsulation, and partial polymorphism.

Compilation is also different in PHP and ASP.NET.

In PHP, when a page is requested, the HTML and inline PHP script is compiled to binary format called Zend Opcodes. Once compiled, the opcodes are run by the Zend Engine and HTML is generated which is sent to the client. Commercial products are available that increase the speed at which PHP pages are executed.

In contrast, when an ASP.NET page is first requested it is converted into an intermediate language called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language). The CLR then converts this MSIL to machine code. Conversion to machine code only takes place once for each page request (unless code has been modified). All subsequent requests use the already generated machine code. In ASP.NET no optimization product is required as the MSIL generated is already in its most optimized form.
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There is a difference between ASP .Net and PHP. ASP.net is the newest version of Microsoft Active Server Pages Technology. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. Both are used to create powerful and dynamic websites. ASP.net is a part of Microsoft.Net Framework. PHP syntax is very similar to Perl and C languages. PHP is used with Apache web server on various operating systems and it can also be used with Microsoft Internet Information Server. While Asp runs on internet information service.
ASP.net is the next generation ASP. PHP supports many databases such as MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid and generic ODBC. The popularity of PHP is that it is open source software. PHP is free to download and use. .Net framework is a environment for building, deploying and running applications on server. .Net framework contains a common language and common class libraries to provide advance standard services that can be integrated into variety of systems. .Net provides a feature rich environment. PHP file may contain text, files and scripts. So both language has significant importance and can be used differently. PHP is recommended because it is highly reliable, secure and fast than ASP.
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It is a question that many have asked and it's a question the communities of both languages fight on. I am not able to use ASP .net because of it's inaccessible interface and I like PHP personally. If you like an interface in which things could be done through drags/drops and instant help pop-ups will be shown to you, you can use ASP .net. If not, you should use PHP. Also, remember, if you use ASP .net, you have to (quite unsurprisingly) have everything from Microsoft: Your OS should be Windows, your database should be Microsoft's SQL, and your server should be Microsoft's IIS.
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PHP is an open source technology and can be used for free. It is used for creating web applications and works well on any types of platforms and servers.

It works well with MySQL and in Linux operating system and both are available for free. The execution of PHP is also faster because it uses in-built memory space. It is very easy to code when compared with other programming languages and also offers various
tools that are available for free.

On the other hand ASP.NET is based on Microsoft technology . It uses VB.NET or C# and can be used only with Internet Information Server. It mostly works with MS-SQL database, which belongs to Microsoft and is not free.

It needs Windows platform to function and the code execution is also slower as it utilizes the server space during execution. The coding of ASP.NET is also complicated and requires efforts to learn. Even the tools that are used are not free.

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JVM is an acronym for JavaVirtual Machine, it is an abstract machine which provides the runtime environment in which java bytecode can be executed. It is a specification.

JVMs are available for many hardware and software platforms (so JVM is platform dependent).


JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment. It is the implementation of JVM.


JDK is an acronym for Java Development Kit. It physically exists. It contains JRE + development tools.

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Php is runs inside the apache server.but asp.net is runs inside the IIS(Internet Information Server.
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Now i clear my basic............about asp.net and php...............thank u very much

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