What is different between HTML and PHP? 


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Here you go !

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I like HTML because the code is easier to adjust and edit, but PHP is more suitable for creating webpage templates and therefore bring a lot of convenience. Thanks for explaining the difference.
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You're welcome.
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HTML is designed to inform a browser about the structure and markup of a web page.

PHP is a scripting language which can be embedded within an HTML page, and has a lot more functionality than HTML, including the capability to "talk" to a server, access databases, and other fun stuff like that...

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HTML/CSS is what the website is made out of the interactions like color changes or movement based on the cursor is jQuery these three elements make up standard website effects and visuals.  Now PHP doesn't make up anything visual.  PHP communicates with servers.  For example, to login into Facebook the PHP script sends your input for the login, checks with the main Facebook server to see if its right, if its wrong it gathers the HTML to load the page it does when the input is wrong, now if its right it gathers the HTML and loads your news feed and other various things on Facebook.  If a website requires no server or login there should be no PHP if there's a server then it has PHP.  Think of PHP like a messenger, they bring data from the original source and then to the main source back and forth.

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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language, and PHP is a server-side scripting language. Where HTML is the backbone of all web development and one of the most fundamental technologies used in front-end web development, PHP scripts execute on the back-end, manipulating data on the server and outputting content to a webpage based on a user’s inputs. Together they make dynamic websites possible.

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