What Is A DOT NET Framework? Please Provide The Details Of Class Library And CLR And MSIL In Detail.


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Dot Net Framework is a general platform for software development. Its idea is inherited from Java programming language as Java is a platform independent language. Like Java Dot Net Framework is based on a Virtual Machine that offers language independence to a programmer. Dot Net Framework can work with multiple programming languages like C#, Visual Basic.Net and managed C++.    Class Library: Class Library is an extensive library that has got all the necessary functionality that a Computer Programmer may expect from a development environment, i.e. The Dot Net class library has got features for Graphical User Interface (GUI) also known as Windows Forms, ADO.Net that is used for accessing data from the database, ASP.Net that is used for developing Web applications, XML etc.      CLR: The Microsoft's implementation of CLI (Common Language Interface) is known as CLR (Common Language Runtime). The fundamentals of Dot Net Framework has been defined in the CLI, i.e. Metadata, CLS (Common Type Systems), support for IL (Intermediate Language) and the ability to run multiple programming languages on Dot Net.    MSIL: MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language. A computer program written in any .net language like C#, VB.Net is converted into IL at compilation time. The IL is the converted into machine-native language by JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler at execution time.

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