How Do I Tell If My Laptop Has A FireWire?


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FireWire is one of the quickest computing peripheral standards ever developed within the sphere of influence of the wireless technology. This is what makes it great for use with the various advanced multimedia peripherals such as digital video cameras and laptops and high-speed devices like the latest hard disk drives and printers. FireWire technology is integrated into Power Macs; 'I' and 'e' Macs and Mac Book Pros and the iPod. The dedicated FireWire ports are also integrated into many similar computing products and all the machines include FireWire ports that operate up to 400 megabits per second. The latest machines include FireWire ports that actually support 1394b and operate up to 800 megabits per second!

The FireWire connectivity on your laptop will pop up in the form of an icon, every time you switch on the computing device. The dedicated icon will indicate your FireWire status and connectivity. A click on the icon will open up a portal that is dedicated to the installation and implementation of the technology. The software that needs to be installed is available in the form of a product inherent offer or an add-on. The speed of the computing machine is tuned with the installation of the dedicated facility.
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Go to control panel then my network connections, on the top left you'll find what you are looking for.

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