How Can I Use A Laptop Anywhere?


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Yep connection card is the best answer,it is a little more pricey
but well worth the money.I use Sprint connection card and love it very much, it allows me to move my computer wherever I want and still be able to can use program like skype, to make video phone calls to keep in touch.But since he has att already he can add their laptop connection card service and probably save some money.there is  a charge for the card, which most carriers refund up to $50 for anyways, and there is a monthly service around $50, with
the usual 2 year contract. But it doesn't hurt to shop around:)
good luck, such a good idea to keep in touch with family...
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Have him call his cell phone provider. I know ATT/Cingular has several cards for laptops, there called ExpressCards LaptopConnect cards or AirCards. All provide wireless internet connections for laptops although some better than others. I'm not sure how they will work with video though, he'll probably need one of the more expensive card that can handle the needed speed video will demand.
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Thank you so much. That is exactly the info I was looking for. Now I know what to get him for christmas.
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How can I use my laptop anywhere and still have internet? I have a connection to comcast.

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