How Do I Get A Blank Page For Typing?


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People who need to write for their work need a clean page. Sometimes it is easiest to just delete what’s on a page and use it again. However, if you’re saving, this can lead you to saving over previous work. So how do you get nice clean new page on word processing documents?
To get a blank page for typing in a Microsoft Word document you will need to use the control (ctrl) and Enter button. Hold down control and then press the enter button, this should give you a clean blank page to work on. 
If you are not in Microsoft Word the best way to do it is first click on the thumbnail for Word on your desktop and wait for it to open. After it opens select ‘New’ from the MS Word orb that scrolls down form the top left hand corner. You can also open a new document by right clicking the icon that looks like a blank page in the top left hand corner of the document.
In the OpenOffice writer application you can open a page by selecting the ‘file’icon and pressing on the word ‘New’ and select ‘Text Document ‘ to open a new page.
In Google Docs you can open a new page by clicking on ‘Docs List’ in the document application. You then select ‘Create New’ and choose a document from the menu to open a blank document.
In Microsoft Works click on ‘File’ at the top of the page and click the ‘Word Processor’ application. This opens another window where you’ll be able to click on ‘blank document’ to open a clean new page.
If you do not have Microsoft Word you will possible have a program called Wordpad or Notepad on your computer. In this case you can create a new document for typing using either of these programs.
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I need a big blank page to type on
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Chilleddpip not everyone has microsoft word, or a computer that says file at the top. I have an emachines computer, not microsoft. And I'm sure other people do, to
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Are you talking about on a PC? Is yes, all you do is open Microsoft Word and a new blank page should open. If it doesn't: Click on File, New and a new blank page should open.
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If you are using Windows, you might have a program called Wordpad installed already.
You can find it by clicking the START button, go to the top click on PROGRAMS, go to the top of menu select ACCESSORIES and it should be on the menu that opens up.

You will also find a program called Notepad, but Wordpad is better.

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